David Family Photos


David Family Photos


This is a collection of photographs from the David family taken circa 1950-1965.

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Bettie and Grandaddy
This is a picture of Bettie David, age about 4, and her father, John Lewis David II.

Mama grinning with missing teeth
This is a picture of Suzanne David aged about 7. Her hair is in pigtails and she is laughing or grinning, despite the fact that she's missing a couple of prominent teeth.

Johnny holding a BB Gun
This is a picture of John Lewis David III aged about 12 holding a BB gun or rifle.

Lee and Jane Looking at Comics
Two children looking at a rack of comic books

Bettie and Bobby on the Sled
Two children on a sled.

Aunt Polly Headed to School
Aunt Polly holding books.

Family at Kenbridge
A family photo on the porch

This is a test photo
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